Searching for the Perfect Carrot Cake

I've been conducting an experiment, in every cafe I eat only Victoria Sponge or Carrot Cake, trying to establish the qualities of the perfect version. As Hubby and I are planning to open a cafe next year, you could say its essential research. This blog is to help assert more analytical clarity. Carrot Cakes vary, from 'this is just a brown sponge' to 'my god there's some mixed spice in that'. Even my favourite cafes for coffee and ambiance, can fail on their cakes, so be aware these cake reviews aren't indicative of my views on the cafe as a whole. Anyway, on with the search.

CARROT CAKE REVIEW No 1 ~ Is this a banana cake in disguise?

Carrot Cake ~ 12th July 2017 ~ eaten in The Moorings, Blakeney, Norfolk.
At first glance, the cake itself had a good tan colour, with shards of walnut distributed through it fairly evenly. The butter cream, if indeed it was such a thing, was a little stingy, with an appearance of being thin in consistency, and hence no stiffness. That said there were no marzipan carrots on top ~ thankfully, and it was a decent wedge of cake, sometimes you can feel a bit cheated by the slither like size of a portion, but not here.
On taking my first bite, wait, what's this taste, its not remotely carroty, no, its bananary. The first taste to assail my buds, was of ripe banana. Quite a lot of banana, so much I handed it to Hubby for his first impression, 'its as if they've served you a banana cake by mistake' said he. So, mucho mucho banana! You can tell from its visual texture that it does have carrot in it, but the banana completely overpowers it, and any flavour from the walnuts is sw…